Motley Brew 161

Motley Brew 161

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Motley Brew 161

Hearty BFL Sock

80/20 SW BFL/Nylon

100 Grams, 438 yards

Motley Brew skeins are one of a kind skeins that are made from dye day leftovers.  They are always a fun surprise!!

We do our best to take true to color photos of our yarn.  Please know that some computer screens can alter the colors slightly. 

This wool is superwash.  Which means you can wash it in your washing machine without fear of it shrinking and felting.  That being said, we still recommend hand washing in cool water, with a nice wool wash to extend the life of your hand dyed yarn.  Always air dry.  Quality yarn is an investment and we want your creations to last!

Some of our deeper and darker dyes may bleed a little with the first few washes.  This is completely normal and just the nature of some dyes.  Take extra care when pairing with light colored yarns, always wash with cool water and rinse well.  If the mood strikes you splash some white vinegar in there while you soak your garment, that can help!